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01 January 2012

Please Help Me Raise $3000 For Bakery Films This Winter!

About Bakery Films:

Women over 35 are still staying away from the theaters in in droves. 
Bakery Films is about creating the new Woman Pictures. In the 30s and 40s there were magnificent roles for women actors; big stories with bigger characters.
There were movies like The Women with its effortlessly female cast. Other films like Animal Kingdom while not necessarily woman-centric, had characters of great (by todays standards) depth.
I want Bakery Films to be considered a legitimate heir (heiress?) to this tradition of filmmaking; writing, producing and developing projects grown up women will love to watch and characters any grown up actor would love to play.

You'll find a link to our campaign on IndieGoGo on the side panel. We're also starting a new blog about Bakery Films and movie production in general entitled, 'What I Know So Far; Confessions of a fledgling film producer' *grin*, that would be me. 

Please sign up as that will guide you toward our latest updates, such as our accompanying radio show and new videos. 
Please make a contribution, we have a number of great thank you gifts for donors from notecards created by the artist upon whose work our logo is based, to producer credit.