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30 September 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Happiness Is...


1. A brand-spankin'-new pair o' monkey slippers.


2. A good book you know you will love even before reading the first sentence.

3. Living a well-tree'd existence in a...

4. Temporarily roommate-less apartment.

5. A flashlight which requires no batteries (it's like we're livin' in the future).

6. Having a bookcase which perfectly matches a randomly acquired chest of drawers.

7. The fact Trader Joe's dutch waffle cookies come in tins during holiday season...

8. And that those tins so sweetly hold pens and silk handkerchiefs.

9. My new comal pan, which I use to make everything.

10. Working on a new screenplay...

11. After being done for the day.

12. A Scents Worth Clean Linen room spray, which comes in a pretty blue bottle with a pretty pale blue label.

13. The fact that my lovely little jewelry box plays 'Fly Me To The Moon'.

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