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25 March 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things I Wish I Hadn't Never


1. Said nice things about Mimmo. When that guy asked me to tell him what I thought of Mimmo in Italian, my response should have been two words; "Troppo giovane".

2. Started pretending I can add and subtract. I. Cannot. Balance a checkbook. It's online banking for me, baby!

3. Told a certain person he could come see me. We weren't just on different continents, we were on different planes of existence.

4. Started Tweeting. 'Cause now, even though I rarely tweet; I still think about tweeting when I'm not tweeting.

5. Finished my screenplay. Um...'cause I don't exactly know what to do with myself...hence, the blog.

6. Left when the vet told me I shouldn't stay while he put down my cat. I promised her I'd be with her. There will always be a blank space where I should find the end of our lives together.

7.  Had root canal. Whoof!

8. Started watching The Bachelor again. They pullllled me back in.

9. Been at my brother's funeral. It was a circus.

10. Let my mother co-opt my relationship with my niece. I was very ill at the time, but I should have fought harder to have her brought to see me.

11. Heard the song, 'I Shot The Sheriff'. The version which continues to play in my head is a really bad rendition by an American Idol hopeful. Yikes.

12. Tried sushi. I had no idea how much I'd love it; or how much I'd miss it now that I have nooo money.

13. Been exposed to the Thursday Thirteen. Now I'm completely hooked.

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22 March 2010

So...Spring Has Sprung

I should be happy, I know. I am kind of, almost happy. The weather is beautiful; which is wonderful. But I'm filled with dread.

Heat intolerance. One of my least favorite ME/CFS symptoms, looms in my non-to-distant future. I have Spring Fever and I want to rejoice with everyone else. But there's this doomsday countdown taking place inside of me. How many days, weeks until my body feels as though it's cooking from the inside? How long until the recurrent low grade fever becomes an ever-present mid grade fever? Heavens to Betsy, I really want to love Spring and look forward to Summer, I really, really do...oh well.