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15 July 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Things: What I'm Grateful For This Week


1. Dark Chocolate...'nuff said.

2. Buying books. Adding to my collection for pretty, pretty bookshelves is such a joy.

3. New Kitty, of course; and the cat condo a friend gave me.

4. The gorgeous, beautiful whether we're having. Maximum awe, minimum heat.

5. My antique pieces. I don't have a lot of antiques (don't want a lot of antiques, a preponderance of which I find slightly creepy) it's a lovely feeling to use a jewelry box or table or lamp which has a long history.

6. Poetry. Specifically that of Edna St Vincent Millay. She speaks to a wordless part of me, in the same way as music.

7.  Essential oil candles. Yumm.

8. Wasabi Almonds

9. Seeing Abbott and Costello's WHO'S ON FIRST for the first time in over a decade.

10. The Sartorialist. Fashion. Heaven.

11. The addition of BABYLON 5 to Netflix Instant Watching. My heart pitter-pats, yay.

12. New friends.

13. Old friends.

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Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Maya - I love Thursday Thirteen - what a great idea! I'll have to try to remember to participate next week. Dark chocolate and buying books are tops on my list, too!!

I signed up to follow your blog many, many months ago but just realized your updates don't show up on my blogger dashboard. Maybe I'll try deleting the old one and re-signing up.


Maya said...

Hi Sue, thanks for commenting, Thursday Thirteen is a kick, isn't it? I'd like to do add more pictures. So many of the Thirteeners bring their lists to life with images and video.