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23 February 2007

Over The Rainbow; But Not If I Have To Go With That Dorothy Girl

Am I the only person, who when the Munchkins sang Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead, felt a little sorry for the witch?

It's just that I can recall as a child watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time; and feeling it unseemly (yes, 'unseemly', I didn't know the word at the time but looking back I recognize the sentiment. I was a four year old maiden aunt.) to celebrate anyone's death so tunefully. Then I began to think on how lonely the witch must have been if an entire land of people, even if they were very small, were so happy to see her die they burst into extemporaneous and dare I say, award-worthy song. And that perhaps if she had not been so lonely she would not have been so bad. Thus spake the thoughts of an infant Maya; she and Dorothy, forever out of tune.