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09 August 2006

Various and Sundry

One of our friends, Flautist and Composor Carol Alban is involved in the upcoming IDA (In Defense of Animals) benefit concert. If you are in the Bay Area you might want to show support for the organization and the artist. Here's the info:

Benefit Concert for the Animals

Featuring Flautist/Composor Carol Alban, Cellist Suellen Primost, Pianist Dylan Snodgrass, Flautist Nancy Tyler, Pipa Player Ma Jie and others.

Sunday August 27th at 3 pm
Chapel of the Chimes
4499 Piedmont Ave. Oakland Ca 94611
$10 Suggested Donation
All proceeds benefit In Defense of Animals (IDA)

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Volunteers old and new: The Divine Daphne is still the editor who makes us look like -- I don't know, think of the most fabulous writer and you'll know just how good Daphne is. She has the gift for stripping away the dreck, without sacrificing the writer's individual voice.

Then there's Sir Alan Scher, he is a great writer and our favorite reviewer. He's always game and a good soul to boot.

Sean Starr. The Sean Starr? No, my Sean Starr. Okay, fine . . . the Sean Starr. Sean is an artist who has graciously offered to tackle the redesign of out web site. Yay! His work is stunning and so is his website, check it out. While you're there stop by his blog to say hello and sign the Idealist Manifesto. I have.

Last, but certainly not least Little Marissa our student-volunteer and MySpace Mistress. It's down to her that our circle of friends keeps growing and growing. Others are waiting in the wings to be introduced and shall be during the next few weeks.

Until next time . . .

****The New News****