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26 July 2006

Number 5 Is ALIVE!!

Does anyone else remember that movie; Short Circuit? My brother and I must have watched seen it . . . what, like eight hundred times; and every time we came back from the video rental place (What was the name of that store?) clutching its video box in our hot little hands (and yes I mean 'hands' plural, there was almost always some argument about who got to hold the box, that usually ended with an equal distribution of carrying time), my Dad would start a rant the pre-film rant; you know the drill: "There are other movies in the video store. Why don't you get one you haven't seen twenty times." And then there was the 'during-the-movie' rant: As Jason and I broke up at the same places; ("Hey laser lips! Yo mamma was a snow-blower!") "How can this still be funny to you? You've seen it fifty times." Usually said during valiant attempts to quash his own laughter. And then there was the eye-rolling which took place during our 'Who's Johnny? Dance' when the song by El Debarge played (remember El Debarge?) My poor father. The evenings he suffered and the hours of his life that live in that movie. Because it never ended with the watching of the movie itself. He also had to endure the post-viewing-celebration, usually consisting of: jumping around while singing the one verse we knew of Who's Johnny?, random yelling ( we were kids, and so had two volume levels: loud and off) out of lines ("I am standing here beside myself.") and then inevitably, someone would call someone else 'laser lips', which is when the real trouble began.

You can imagine my dad's relief when we grew up a little and moved onto other film choices. And then they came out with Short Circuit 2.
Can anyone say . . . marathon.?