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24 March 2006

Home Again Home Again Jiggety-Jig

****The New News****
Hi everyone, we've been gone a long time. We had a terrible...and then a really wonderful time with technology, what with computer crashes and trying to keep the bills paid. Our computer crisis is history and hopefully our new Five Dollar Fundraiser (which is exactly what it sounds like) will help alleviate the financial one.

In other news, one of out favorite artists and BotP friends, Chris Fabbri has new paintings for sale at Be sure to check him out. And buy something, he's a wonderful artist!
****The New News****

Heeyyy! I'm back!!

Did you miss me? DidyouevenknowIwasgone?

Well I was. The computer I was using had a tragic accident; a crash to be precise. Its owner took it away for Rx and it has yet to return. However.

And this is a BIG however that rates its own line and repetition.


A dear wonderful, excellent human being donated a brand new Dell notebook and printer to Bakery of the Poets. And so I'm back.


I'm very excited. Now I just need money for paper.

But paper or not, I can be here with you fabulous people once again...tooting my little horn and enjoying your music as well.


Hello again.
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