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12 July 2006

Happy Anniversary

****The New News****
Check us out our new presence on MySpace, While you're there stop and say howdy.
****The New News****

So, we are officially one year old. A lot of progress has been made, though you probably haven't seen most of it. The experience of getting this project going has really taken me to school, I've been learning an awful lot. But, in spite of my extended learning curve and health issues, there have been tangible results. Our number of hits continue to double and triple each month. Botp now has fiscal sponsorship which enables it to raise money for our cause. We have developed a network of wonderfully supportive people. In fact, this is what amazes me; I mean, artists don't tend to have it easy. We have, in fact chosen a way of living that pretty much guarantees long stretches of poverty and hard hard work. And yet, I never cease to be amazed by the spirit of generosity that seems to infect the artistic community like a virus. I know for certain that without you guys I would have given up on this madcap idea of mine long ago. Thank you for a remarkable year, and the will to fight on. I lift my glass to you.

Happy Anniversary!

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