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11 November 2005

The truth is...

Three little words. "The truth is..." But how often does the actual truth follow?

I'm up in the middle of the night thinking about relationships and how we connect. I'm thinking about telling the truth and how difficult it is. Why, when we are lonely and in need of another person...why, do we find it easier/better to say "do whatever you want, I don't care", than it is to say, "don't go, I need you and I'm afraid and I don't want to be alone"?

The lie that we tell doesn't make our situation better, it doesn't spare the other person's feelings (quite the opposite), it is a base repudiation of a basic need. So why do we do it?

Why do we behave as if we couldn't care less with our hearts in our mouths and fear clutching our throat? Why is it so hard to tell a simple, universal truth? Why, when we need someone the most, do we say 'go away', instead of 'please stay'?
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