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26 October 2005


So, yesterday all of my browser bookmarks...just disappeared. And I'm fairly certain, though not quite sure, that there were some rather essential to Life and Breadth links linked therein.

Or...maybe I'm just mad because I can't remember which of the Vanished were links I'd intended to delete, And which were links I really needed or wanted (same thing). That's probably it.

No...but seriously all of my bookmarks are gone. All of them. And it's not my fault cause I didn't do anything. That I remember.

Here's another thing...Elizabethtown. Every once in a while a movie will come along that makes me feel as though I'm being sold snake oil by the studio. It's something to do with the tone or timber in the voiceover guy's voice; or the size of the font declaring the movie, "A triumph...!" by the Detroit Daily Star.

I'm sure it's a fantastic movie. And I will probably go see it, particularly now that I've seen the stripped-down-to-essentials review given by my personal film tutor...Roger Ebert.

Meanwhile in Hollywood...
Catherine Zeta-Jones is linked to a remake of the whimsical, beautiful little German film Mostly Martha.

Unlike some people on I am not myself morally opposed to a remake. Jones is a great actor. It could be good, it all depends on who writes the screenplay. My only advice to the uninitiated would be to run to the video store and rent the original. See Mostly Martha as it was meant to be seen, before Hollywood lets it down.

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25 October 2005

Elaine -- Edna St. Vincent Millay

I just turned 31 last week. It is the second birthday after the death of my brother in July of last year. Remember how in movies the way people are able to sense, like picking up vibrations in the air the coming anniversary of a death? You know, the guy whose girlfriend comes to him a day and a half after he has been behaving strangely; gently lays her hand on his arm and says, "It's fifteen years ago today, isn't it? Since your father died."

Well, I forgot. He died on July 12, 2004, I got the call the morning of the 13th. Three days and a year later, it occurs to me, that there had been an anniversary. But last Monday I turned 31. And he should have been 30. And it breaks me apart.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

OH, come again to Astolat!
I will not ask you to be kind.
And you may go when you will go,
And I will stay behind.

I will not say how dear you are,
Or ask you if you hold me dear,
Or trouble you with things for you
The way I did last year.

So still the orchard, Lancelot,
So very still the lake shall be,
You could not guess--though you should guess--
What is become of me.

So wide shall be the garden-walk,
The garden-seat so very wide,
You needs must think--if you should think--
The lily maid had died.

Save that, a little way away,
I'd watch you for a little while,
To see you speak, the way you speak,
And smile,--if you should smile.

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