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13 September 2005

Hello, everyone

People are responding wonderfully to our efforts. The nice people at Borsini-Burr Gallery in Half Moon Bay are looking for works that may get involved and finally , thanks to our friend Carole Orr, we have made contact with the curator at

It's coming together.

For now I have started a page dedicated to Katrina relief efforts. There are a dizzying number of ways and means for donation. And it's hard to discern the best way to help.

I have begun a page of links. I've checked into them for efficacy, legitimacy and accessibility. No promises, but I don't think you will go far wrong by giving money to any of the organizations listed on our Katrina page. If you know of any organizations that aren't listed but you think should be, email it to me and I will look into it.

So now...I've discovered a site that I'm completely obsessed with. The Hollywood Stock Exchange . I'm in love. I have the coolest portfolio.

They give you $2M in Hollywood dollars and you are able to invest in, movies, actors, directors and even a couple of writers (sigh)! I. Am. In. Love.


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