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14 July 2005

I like sheets...dang-it!

I love many things at various times. At this particular moment one of those things includes Ebay. It's cool. Yeah it's cool. A couple of friends are decorating and redecorating their bedrooms, and I have been tasked to procure high-thread count sheets for them. actually, I tasked myself to procure high thread count sheets for them. There's nothing like shopping with other people's money.

And also, I have a bedding and linens fetish. This, I freely admit. Nothing can compare to the feel of high thread count sheets against the skin. Or big, fluffy towels of 100% Egyptian cotton. Yum. So far the highest thread count I've been able to afford (for myself) is 360tc at eBay prices. Hold on, afford, did I say afford? I did not mean 'afford'. I meant 'buy'. As to the price, it was so low, low enough to make Angels weep. I know a girl named Angel, and I cannot bring myself to name the price for fear she would start sobbing. For the sake of all the other Angels out there I will continue to keep the great price strictly to myself.

Anyway, the point is...What was the point? Oh yes. Some people like one thing and others like something else. I for instance would prefer creaturely comforts like a nice bed with high thread count sheets, body lotion with real shea butter, organic skin care...okay, well the point is, that I would sooner indulge more sensual (you know what I mean) preferences than aesthetic ones.

Other people...for instance, my mother, enjoy beautifully appointed rooms. With china collections, vases and...other...prettily-sitting-around-type things. Odd that.

Goo-bye (yes, I know!)


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13 July 2005

Oh save my aching arches

So have you noticed how some of the captions of the emoticons don't really match the icon itself?

I'm in a bit of a noticing mood tonight. Which is why I started reading back through some of the old posts. I found them amusing, even if I do say it myself. They are pretty darn good. The entries I've been writing lately sort of suck, but, once upon a time, I was a good writer.

Ahh, for the good old days. Anyway, I have this friend (whom I love worship and adore) who is just a little half-baked. Not incompetent exactly. She (may she live forever) has a tendency to not quite dot her eyes and cross her tees (yes I know) in rather a big way. And I myself am a compulsive 'T'-(see I can do it when I try) crosser. I have to know all my ducks are in a row. I like to have a plans A, B and C all spelled out before I start something.

So what do I do? Something incredibly stupid. In an effort to make myself and this site financially viable, I have mixed myself up in a project with my friend. You know how people say, you shouldn't mix business and friendship; well we are a perfect example of that particular truism. She's great, and I'm great. But just like everyone else, we have our little neurosis in particular areas. In this case, my neurosis and her neurosis are completely incompatible.

Everything is going to be fine, it will all work out, but in the meantime, I'm stressing. I'm trying not to call her every ten minutes because somewhere in the region of my higher reasoning faculties (which still have control over my motor skills) I'm aware that compulsivity (hah!) Is terribly unattractive.

So until it all works out, I'll be over here in my little corner of the room chewing my thumbnail and not panicking.

'Til tomorrow.

Except no, wait. The dogs. I'm house sitting for friends and they have the most adorable floppy-eared, long-bodied, short-legged pair of mutts you could imagine. They're called Lady and Honey. They remind me of me and my brother when we were kids. Honey is like Jason, small, wiry, always ready to grab the spotlight or be on the go, always banging in or out, usually with some gross kind of show-and-tell cupped in his hands. Lady is more like I was, friendly but shy, usually sitting in the corner of the room trying not to be noticed by my mother, for fear she'd send me outside to play when I'd rather be reading or listening in on a conversation that didn't concern me. They are very cute dogs.

a domani


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12 July 2005


So we're launched and I couldn't be happier. The site has some minor formatting issues, some due to my own ignorance of formatting and others are editing issues that I will work out in coming days.
So, I launched 13 minutes late. I had a of some sort, like two hours later, too wound up to settle to celebration after hitting the 'Publish To Web' button. Like I said there are some things, but I'm very happy with the site over all. I am very grateful to those of you who have answered my ad, or who have been kind enough to answer my direct requests with articles and artwork. Thank you!
My brother died a year ago today. I really began to feel it after all the hoopla died down. But I'm glad, hereafter to hold July 12 as a bittersweet day, rather than only a bitter one. 'night all. --dB

11 July 2005

Watch this spot at 2 o'clock

Tomorrow at 2 p.m. I will tip a glass of something alcoholic and push 'Publish'. So will begin a new and exciting chapter in my life and I hope, a useful and successful one. If you're around and you feel like it, watch the hour strike and tip a glass of a little something yourself. Thanks for hanging in there with me folks. --dB

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10 July 2005

Yay...hello, I'm tired

Just had the loveliest conversation with Diego Rios. Interviews are like, my favertist think...thing. I'm really tired, have I mentioned that? What I hate (with the heat of ten thousand suns) is transcribing them. Especially when I'm transcribing from notes rather than audio tape. Ick! But it's done, and hence, my exhaustion. Anyway, enough about that. Introducing our editor extraordinaire Daphne O'Neal. (applause, stamping of feet, whistles) Ahem. We will have more about her tomorrow. I can tell you this, she speaks and/or knows her way around several languages. Which may come in handy, if we are able to become as international as I would hope. Last, but certainly not least. In another addition to the generosity that seems to have become a theme in my life during the past few weeks. New York based writer and author of the critically acclaimed A Little More Than Kin Rebecca Kavaler has donated some of her poetry. So come back on Tuesday and you will see that as well. For now people, 'good night, sweet prince, I'll see you in my dreams'. yrs dB
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