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03 March 2005

Home Again, Home Again...Jiggety-Jig (sigh)

ANyway...As I was saying. The morning I woke up in Berkely, my heart was light, my spirit soaring. But then, but then. My cellphone seemed loaded with messages. Given, however, my newly foot-loosed and fancy-free state, I saw no reason to speak with anyone whom I didn't care to at that moment...Up to, and including (or more like especially) my mother. So I sat in bed with the weighty Turkey on my legs and made some calls. It was lovely. A text message flashed into my phone, my friend in Sacramento saying "PLEASE CALL". Looking in the 'missed calls' log, I could see I was very popular that morning. My friend had tried to call, my mother...I could think of only one reason why both of those people would be attempting to reach me at the same time. There was only one link between them. A thought I could feel in the back of my mind, but I couldn't bear to bring forward to consciousness.