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24 December 2005

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

So, I spent the week house sitting at Maison Mom's. It was wonderful. She has this great little two-bedroom with a fireplace and an Arabian Nights Princess Bedroom Near a Beach, it was really lovely to have a change of scene; to get away from The Pit for a while, unchain myself from the computer and the endless fundraising worries, to sit by the firelight with a glass of wine and just think.

There is something I love so much about the feel of an empty house. I've lived alone for most of my adult life. And that feeling of coming home from work after a long day, that feeling you get when you first open the door and realize the entire place is empty of all energy save's brilliant. And now I rent a room in a house inhabited by two high loud talkers, with their pets and the mess and the endless steady stream of cliched, superficial dialogue on which they seem to thrive. Sometimes, I think I will quite literally lose my mind. I'm not built for communal living, clearly. I can deal with any sort of person for a little while, but then I need to go home and find peace and quiet.

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