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28 September 2005

Don't Judge Me, But I Love Fall TV!!

So now it's officially Fall. Some people think that Fall begins on September 22. But it doesn't. It is a little known fact, but a fact just the same, that Fall begins on whatever day starts off Premiere week on the telly set.

Oh, how I love new TV! So much. There are all these new shows, with all these new people, and a lot of old people that I really like but haven't seen in a while because their last new show got canceled. I love trying to predict which shows will hit, and which will tank. I love thinking, writing and planning about new TV.

My cup of joy overrunneth...Doggonit!

Right now at this exact moment I'm watching Invasion.
I officially want to love this show. It stars some of my favorite actors (Kari Matchett, Eddie Cibrian and William Fichtner) from my Actors Most Routinely Dissed List. I knew this last week. But then today I paid attention to the opening credits and realized that the love of my pre-adolescent life, Shaun Cassidy is the show's creator.

He has a very deft hand with story and dialogue. Five years ago he created Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family which was a tightrope act of writing, he always managed to stay on just the right side of humor and the right side of pathos. It was a great show, that is until, he stopped writing it himself.

But anyway, I was still capable of impartiality, that is until that scene this evening...The one when semi-alcoholic ET nut brother came wheeling out to drag his sister out of a press conference to tell her something, you know, "really important". She says, "You're my brother, and I love you"--at this point I've almost stopped listening, expecting to hear the obligatory, 'but if I have to hear about one more of your crazy conspiracy theories blahdy blahdy' instead, she says--"I'm tired, I'm pregnant and you're medicated."

So unless Invasion becomes truly unwatchable...I'm afraid I'm stuck. It'll be like that guy, the one you know you should give up. He's no good for you, he hurts you and makes you nuts, but you just can't let go. Not even after like, eight or nine girlfriends do an intervention because they love you and want to save you from his evil clutches and recall you to your senses. It'll be like that.

Without the sex, lies and chocolate binges.
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