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03 August 2005

There's NOOO Butter In Hell!!!

There really isn't. I've checked. And there is no butter in hell. So why should such an obvious statement of simple fact gives me the giggles every time I think of it? The blame rests entirely upon the manifold talents of Ian McKellan who plays the scruffy, hygiene-derelict and practically incomprehensible religious zealot, Amos Starkadder of Cold Comfort Farm. Though he may by far, be one of the least odd characters on that benighted place. There have always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm, so there are quite a few people scattered about the place who are certifiably as mad as snakes.

If you don't believe me about anything else. Trust me on this, watch this movie. Start a new tradition, get a bottle of wine and a few friends, and discover why the phrase "There's no butter in Hell!!!", should be so darned funny.

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