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25 August 2005

The Sting, Part 2

Well then...I became brilliant. The first order of business is a computer. So, why not hit up various computer dealers offering them (heh heh) the opportunity--the Lofty Opportunity of making a donation to a good cause. In the process of culling the web for computer resellers. I came across a B2B import/export site that was offering the exact, ex-gen computer I wanted for the insane price of $9.00+$45.00 shipping! I talked to a friend of mine whom I knew to be in the import/export business.

$9.00! I said, $9.00! Is it possible? Of course, she told me. Electronics are so cheap to manufacture and if you are able to buy direct from the manufacturer, it's entirely possible.

Yes. Well. Of course $9.00 was a typo (accidentally on purpose or not) the real price was $900. And as silly as it sounds when I found out, I, for a while, was deeply depressed. For at least 10 or 15 minutes. $900! The price might as well be $9000! And because they had a minimum order requirement I had to buy 2 of them! But then, I started thinking. (Full stop. Yes, if only I had. Stopped, that is) What if I sold two on eBay, had them shipped from the manufacturer in Asia, and then kept one for myself?

And wonder of wonders, they were willing to give me an even lower price if I bought 5. That way my friend could sell a couple as well and take a little money for arranging the shipping and all that custom, export stuff.

So okay, we did it. We sold four, ordered five and any minute DHL would rain down computers from heaven. (You don't know how unbelievably stupid I feel telling y'all this) Expect for one thing. Whenever my friend and I got together for a little game of 'count the computers', something odd would happen. 1 for me, 2 for customers, profit to me; 3 for customers, profit to you (mygooddearwonderfulfriend)? Wait, that's six!

No, no. That last part should be '2 for customers, profit to you'. Oh...i see (starting to hyperventilate just a tad) you say you sold 3 computers instead of 2. But you didn't tell Just ad to the order you say? (Starting to get mad, she knows durn well we can't "just add to the order" thato has already been invoiced and staged, and we have customers waiting I've only said so five times)

Tomorrow, Part 3 of our saga.

So for now, soon, I'll be coming out of the other side of this. But it has weighed on my mind a lot. And my health a little. Not a lot of left over energy for creativity.

But yesterday, I received my copy of Once and Again, Season 2. I'd forgotten how good the show was. The way it took the events common to everyone's life and, created from those events a story that is as emotionally true as anything that has happened in our own lives.

It's a Zwick, Herskovitz, Holzman thing.

Remember My So-Called Life? Anyone? Anyone? Every girl who ever saw the series recognized the emotional intensity of Angela's crush on Jordan Catalano. We've felt it. Remember that guy in high school or junior high, the one that made you forget to breathe just by walking past you in the hallway? Crazy. It never to me that anyone would capture that feeling in print and then convey it on a television screen in a way brought the old madness back all over again. It never to me that any one could, or that anyone would want to. But for these guys, Z, H and H. It's their specialty.

They can make us feel these things. Like an emotional memory.

So there's this art gallery in Half Moon Bay. They carry, display, show the work of a particular artist I would like to feature on BotP. But then, I looked at their site and realized, I would like to get the gallery itself involved in the de Bergerac Society. It could be kinda cool. They seem kinda cool. I'll let you know what happens.

Also, there are actors in the Bay Area I wish to interview. And a filmmaker or two. So everyone, the site is shaping up. It's a continual work in progress and you never know what's going to happen next.


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