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24 August 2005

The Sting, Part 1

***The New News***
Yesterday called Bedford Falls Company, production company of Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz to ask for'em, if you don't know who I mean, you'll be surprised. We'll see what happens.
***The New News***

It happens so often as to seem commonplace, and yet, like everything else in life, from falling in love, to falling off a log, when it happens to you it feels anything but.

I been stung, scammed, ripped off. And to add to the horrific nature of the situation, I lost not only my own money (all of it), but that of a few other people into the bargain.

This has been keeping me stressed, awake, riddled with guilt frantically searching for ways to make good and, well, away from here. There is another emotion. One I shy away from mentioning, or even feeling, because it seems so silly to my logical mind. My feelings are hurt. What a ridiculous thing to say, huh? But they are. We know con artists exist. We know there are bad people out there who pocket their profits illegally, using the sweat of everyone else's brow. Dishonesty,'s epidemic. One would think, that when it happens to you, you wouldn't take it so personally.

But the story; Part 1, anyway

I need a laptop. My health is such that working from bed is often desirable (read: necessary). And sharing space and time on a community computer, while trying to create and finance a magazine, verges on intolerable.

So, I got busy calling various Arts organizations in California to see about getting a helping wallet with start up costs, including the cost of a new laptop. That Arts funding in this country is in a shocking state, I sorta knew before I started, that the California Arts budget had been cut by a whopping 95%. 95 PERCENT! I did not know. As a result all arts organizations are feeling the pinch and needless to say disinclined to fund upstart Arts organizations who have not even their 501(c)3 standing. Ohwelltoobad.

Well...then...I became brilliant

Part 2, tomorrow
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