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10 July 2005

Yay...hello, I'm tired

Just had the loveliest conversation with Diego Rios. Interviews are like, my favertist think...thing. I'm really tired, have I mentioned that? What I hate (with the heat of ten thousand suns) is transcribing them. Especially when I'm transcribing from notes rather than audio tape. Ick! But it's done, and hence, my exhaustion. Anyway, enough about that. Introducing our editor extraordinaire Daphne O'Neal. (applause, stamping of feet, whistles) Ahem. We will have more about her tomorrow. I can tell you this, she speaks and/or knows her way around several languages. Which may come in handy, if we are able to become as international as I would hope. Last, but certainly not least. In another addition to the generosity that seems to have become a theme in my life during the past few weeks. New York based writer and author of the critically acclaimed A Little More Than Kin Rebecca Kavaler has donated some of her poetry. So come back on Tuesday and you will see that as well. For now people, 'good night, sweet prince, I'll see you in my dreams'. yrs dB
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