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29 July 2005

What a Girl (or Start Up Nonprofit) Wants

Yes indeedy the transformation between businesswoman and writer/editor/artist-type is starting. I can feel it converting my insides. Hoohooohoo. Heh. Heh. Heh.

No but seriously folks. I've decided to begin sharing with you the joys, excitement, trials and tribulations of starting our little nonprofit. The business stuff first. While awaiting our Prince Charming bearing a battered leather briefcase (read: pro bono attorney), we have begun selling some things on ebay, in hopes of gathering a little dough to cover our filing fees, et cetera.

Artistically and editorially...

We still need reviewers. I've been beating the Web for the past two weeks in order to find visual, literary and performing art lovers who write. Hopefully, hopefully someone will respond soon. You know...or else. know.

That's all for now. Sayonara and signing off it's


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