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14 July 2005

I like sheets...dang-it!

I love many things at various times. At this particular moment one of those things includes Ebay. It's cool. Yeah it's cool. A couple of friends are decorating and redecorating their bedrooms, and I have been tasked to procure high-thread count sheets for them. actually, I tasked myself to procure high thread count sheets for them. There's nothing like shopping with other people's money.

And also, I have a bedding and linens fetish. This, I freely admit. Nothing can compare to the feel of high thread count sheets against the skin. Or big, fluffy towels of 100% Egyptian cotton. Yum. So far the highest thread count I've been able to afford (for myself) is 360tc at eBay prices. Hold on, afford, did I say afford? I did not mean 'afford'. I meant 'buy'. As to the price, it was so low, low enough to make Angels weep. I know a girl named Angel, and I cannot bring myself to name the price for fear she would start sobbing. For the sake of all the other Angels out there I will continue to keep the great price strictly to myself.

Anyway, the point is...What was the point? Oh yes. Some people like one thing and others like something else. I for instance would prefer creaturely comforts like a nice bed with high thread count sheets, body lotion with real shea butter, organic skin care...okay, well the point is, that I would sooner indulge more sensual (you know what I mean) preferences than aesthetic ones.

Other people...for instance, my mother, enjoy beautifully appointed rooms. With china collections, vases and...other...prettily-sitting-around-type things. Odd that.

Goo-bye (yes, I know!)


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