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09 July 2005

Four days to launch!!!

And who do we have? Who will be taking part in our maiden voyage? Well, I won't tell everything, but July 12th will usher in a new age for BOTP. Our first Artist In Residence is Diego Marcial Rios. He has kindly offered to contribute images of his work. We will be talking to him about his work and process in our first issue. You can view his work at Art How cool is that? We also have a new editor (Thank goodness!)a lovely and talented young woman who will be saving our collective skins in the coming months. We will introduce her after finalizing a few details. She's very cool. So right now, I'm watching Monk. How much do I love Tony Shaloub. Not only is he a talented...talented man. But I love saying his name. Tony Shaloub. Tony Shaloub. Tony Shaloub. It's a great name. One more time. Say it with me now, 'Tony Shaloub'. Tell me does anyone remember a show called 'Stark Raving Mad'? Or am I the only one? I probably am given the speed with which the show was canceled. Righty-ho, people. Good work and good night. --dB
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