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13 September 2003

Life is like a box of chocolates...

Well, the kids have started school, which of course means I have tons of free time during the day. Time to explore the city, time to catch up with myself, find cool little cafe's for writing or reading, lovely long walks, hanging out on the beach. Maybe you can tell that I've been looking forward to the time off. So why have I spent the first three days of the new school year indoors, with a migraine? The body wants, what the body wants. The summer's eleven hour days were a bit much. The grind definitely took it's toll on my body. Oh well, there is tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... Life is like a box of never know what you're going to get. ---dB

07 September 2003

A beautiful day in the neighborhood..

I love San Francisco in the streets. People everywhere, crushing their way down sidewalks over flowing onto streets lined with booths and musicians. Red-shirted teenagers with whistles are trying to clear the pedestrians for the oncoming parade. The Autumn Moon Festival is being celebrated in Chinatown. It's a great day. Beautiful weather, beautiful people and lunch with friends at the Clay Pot. I had a lovely lazy day. Sunday buses are wonderful things; not too crowded, people are relaxed and chatty. Well dressed. Or not. Anyway, it was very nice to schlep downtown with ten or fifteen of my fellow San Franciscans and new best friends. After the Clay Pot I walked to the Metreon for a re-viewing of the ITALIAN JOB. And yes, Jason Statham does hold up...Handsome Rob indeed. What could be the perfect end to a perfect day? A misty Sunset and sushi from Nagano. Loverly. ---dB